Essential Travel Packing Tips

Going on vacation is exciting, but planning a vacation can be stressful. Reservations, money, airline tickets, and many other things can make anyone begin to feel overwhelmed. Luckily, there are a few tried-and-true travel packing tips for keeping things simple as you prepare for your trip.

Roll your clothes.

In this era of traveling lightly and transparently, conserving space is the name of the game. If you fold your clothes, they tend to take up too much room in your suitcase. Instead, roll your clothes and fit a lot more items into the same amount of space.

Divide your valuables.

If you keep your wallet, keys, passport, and cell phone in your purse or travel bag, then you will be in a bad situation if that bag goes missing or ends up stolen. A better way to carry valuables is to divide them into different bags, especially financial items. Therefore, if something like your debit card is lost, you have a backup credit card in another bag to use for the duration of your trip. This one is perhaps one of the most important travel packing tips. You’re going on vacation to relax, not to have to constantly think about your finances and important documents!

Use travel-sized toiletries.

Airlines no longer allow you to carry liquids that contain more than 3 ounces. To keep from having your shampoo confiscated unnecessarily, stock up on travel-sized toiletries for your trip. Even better, you could skip packing toiletries altogether and buy travel-sized versions when you get where you are going.

Axe the hairdryer and the iron.

Hairdryers and irons take up valuable suitcase real estate. To save this room for other items, leave them out altogether. Almost all hotels already have them waiting in the room for you to use.

Heaviest on the bottom.

If you pack heavy things such as your bag of toiletries on top, you risk smashing all of your clothes underneath while you are rolling the bag through the airport. Instead, pack your heavy things on the bottom so everything stays in its right place.

Don’t pack what you won’t use.

This rule is self explanatory. Do not pack duplicate outfits or three different pairs of shoes if you only need one. You should review everything after you have packed it, and if you do not need it, leave it at home.

There is no need to sweat about packing to go out of town. You can have a relaxing vacation with minimal hassle if you pack correctly. Following these simple travel packing tips will help you focus on what is important: having an amazing time on your trip.